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Founder and curator of the Underground Railroad Museum of Flushing, Ohio, John S. Mattox was awarded the Honorary Doctor of Public Service for his tremendous contributions and achievements in multiple community organizations. Here is what John A. Townsend said about him:

"John S. Mattox has been vigorous in attacking this problem of the black experience for two and more decades - at every level, and then has taken up the tasks of handicapped and terminally ill children, health care in his county, and education of young people of all colors through his public speaking career, private counseling, and work with Ohio University advisory panels, and his former local school board membership.

Some people say they will help; others do it! John Mattox does it, and has been doing it for his many communities and constituencies for many years. His effort has not abated. His compassion, diligence, earnestness and skills as a communicator and leader are exemplary - the best that America offers, at a time when the effective, volunteer private citizen too often seems in short supply.

He sets a high bar for all of us." (Nomination letter of John A. Townsend, p. 6-7)

Bni-Kofi, who just met Dr. John S. Mattox, agreed with Mr. Towsend and believes that Dr. Mattox's life deserves to be told to wider public. This book intends to tell the story about "A proud American of African descent", crowned with multiple recognitions. Dr. John S. Mattox's life's story will probably inspire people of good will.

  • Author: Beni-Kofi Amedekanya 
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 65 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-4918-0255-7