Athens Wildlife T-Shirt

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The Bobcat Store has partnered with the school of Art + Design on a contest for students to submit designs for t-shirts that celebrate the places of Ohio University and Athens, Ohio. Students submitted their designs to a jury of faculty, advancement staff, and alumni who selected three winning students to produce their designs. The winners all received a scholarship for their work. This t-shirt is one of four winning designs! See below for information about the artist!

About the Artist:

Madisyn Kelly is a visual artist, focusing on graphic design and exploring printmaking practices at Ohio University. What makes her passionate about graphic design is its potential to improve our day to day lives, whether it’s by making information accessible or inspiring someone through a fun and unique design.

Artist Statement:

I had such a great time with this project, the whole design process really strengthened my love for Athens! We have a beautiful community here, from the flora and fauna to the brick roads and landmarks; I wanted to capture that beauty and give people a little piece of Athens they can bring with them anywhere! Flora and fauna featured in this design include:

● Hellbender Salamander
● Deer
● Bobcat
● Fox Squirrel
● Trillium Flower
● Paw Paw
● Blewit Mushroom

Portfolio Link: https://madisynkelly.weebly.com/